Friday, April 01, 2005

Fuck tha klown biz!

Damn so you can't even get a klown gig in this butt-stylezz town what unless you got in wit tha klown union! they this main agency that got a corner on all klown gigs, an they keep a damn list of all newspaper births and then computer filezz on when the born babies turn two an' shit, they snatch up all tha leads befo' I can book any payouts. It is a stone fuck to make it in this world if you are a dogg of ambition and a player of gangst, but still a muscle mus' make it on he own, you feel, or he become the tiny soft thing hangin' down behind Stephen Hawking's calf bone, all. Fuck tha klown game, and tha sad bubble noses wakin' up late wit tha shakes and racin' to cold freak out a toddler because they forty and have hella Captain Morgan breath and no savings.