Wednesday, October 04, 2006

da nhoo jabbah

Dergz I gotta sum new jabba, Krunk Drunkle Ray been hellz 'a some Niggard Lee at me l8ly, all sayinz' sum softserveproduktdatcomezouttahizazz 'bout response-ho-billity. That shit iz peppa-flavah, 2hot and 2raw, procezzed by a colon, but I gotz 2 werk cuz I got 2 get P41D, son. So yay Charley you azk, what u doin' now 2 make tha printed-on paypah' billz.

I stone cold drive a pizza pie 2 a man who iz hongry. In thiz jabbah I have much tyyme 2 lisen 2 muzique.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

lozt m'ah jobbz

Sumbuddy kold kurmudgeon'd mah N-tire scene, now I B on tha lam from Sandy Lew'z hella Chineez fambly, why I alwayz B on tha runn from AZN peepz. Molly did U stone dickle me, this seemz 2 far 4 even U.

Long storeyz B shorteyz, I Had2-Quit mah puncha' @ Stahbukkszibbit even tho I was much climbed on tha payscale ladda' an almos' balancin' on they top stepz where they sticka' say DON'T STAND. I guess I see'z why. Tha wind B high up thattaway, an' greedy-azz'd AZN broadz B pumpin' yo willie 'til you hook up that gold 'rang. Bye bye korporate krizzle, U ain't got Charley thiz 2ime. I may popz up again all Basquiat outta sum box, stone rock the art wêrld, or else just kick phat whytt shirtz @ or up in sum buszboy jobbz while I regroupzzahAHah.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

they Chinezed my azz!

Bitch b kraff7y, Molly cold sic'd azn Sandy Lew on me, hella pork produktzz in she jeanz. She mus' B t3llin' Sandy I Is in2 h.e.r., cause next thaAang I knowz Sandy Lew gotz her azn mom and azn pops all into tha StahBuks, compl373ly azkin' why I ain't b an AZN peep. I know Molly cold set that 4ngle up, hellza laughin n pryvate. N0w I got 2 get marriedzz 2 a chineze chick i ain't even like, which blowedy-blowedz. Her pops is kold kurmudgeon, dude is a k0ld br3akfazt.

i got 2 get out of th1s 1. Molly...tha girl be kraff7y. 0-hapz she is test1n' meez.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Molly iz codly 2 my pantzfront...4 now

All de day long Charley scrubbz tha flo'z, fillz up the wooden tonzil-scrapah's wit-what you stir yo' coffee, even risin' up thru de ranks at Stahbukkszibbit to show a lady he can true keep he bond or promiz. Charley got mad clean shirtzz on, clean apron every day, soft shoes to be N a good moodz all 8 hours he be on. I be cold from tha 1920s all so crisp and chazte.

But the lady she do not notiz.
She keep wit' her man. He iz stone dopely, cold on the pantzfront and hella gibberin' when asked "basically a question." Is illz of a man ask fo' a "plain cuppa joe I guess black and no fuss please" you know.

At nyyte I dreamz of tha lady, cuppin she azz, st8re in2 her breazst, hell of have dranxx by a lake at midnight. We'z get 50773N on sum bouza from Raybo an lay on tha blanket. She check my w3rked up linezz and my poemzz, whereby we much grot tha booty on. I got twelve pages of nothin' but tha rhyyme.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

i B moless'ted by mah Thought$$

Diggit doggit + sniggity snoggit. I col' stone wizzerked up tha ladder at Starbukkzzzzz and now mad be proppin' Payscale 2. Shit B golden glue, I even is trussted separatin' the pastries an' puttin them in tha correct display case trayzz. I basically ownz tha comp4ny.

Chik chak Molly tha berdie of Roast Beef tha Whackjob cold startin' 2 frizzle me on the pantsfront, cold freestyle-think'n of waxin that samsonite. Chick got a not impossible bottomz. Cuppable, not so old az 2 b codly. I may Lett her explo' tha Science of mah Nature.