Wednesday, June 28, 2006

they Chinezed my azz!

Bitch b kraff7y, Molly cold sic'd azn Sandy Lew on me, hella pork produktzz in she jeanz. She mus' B t3llin' Sandy I Is in2 h.e.r., cause next thaAang I knowz Sandy Lew gotz her azn mom and azn pops all into tha StahBuks, compl373ly azkin' why I ain't b an AZN peep. I know Molly cold set that 4ngle up, hellza laughin n pryvate. N0w I got 2 get marriedzz 2 a chineze chick i ain't even like, which blowedy-blowedz. Her pops is kold kurmudgeon, dude is a k0ld br3akfazt.

i got 2 get out of th1s 1. Molly...tha girl be kraff7y. 0-hapz she is test1n' meez.