Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hella poems came outta my clam!

Ol' mister shitty dropped a c-note on my desk and said to type up some poems on tha double22! I ain't never even seen the holmes before but tha bill checked out so I owe some dude some rhymezz. Check it, peep it, keep it or bleep it. I ain't care 'bout nobody, nowhere! Not by the hair of my rude derriere.


Charley has a hundred bucks!
He will buy himself some be
you, my friend! And in the end
the love I take is equal to the
love I make with your Mom...just called!
Her jeans are crass but I can find her

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I dig on me gewordstra minner.

Doggs I got me a dabble, and it be wine, yo. Pimple Ray left he bottle of some grapes out and I cold copped a top. was some action named Gewords tra-minor or other fancy wine terms. Shit be tha damn kanndy of tippin' them back, all like some MD20/20 but widdout that 'stang.

I am straight up a person who completely can say wine terms now. If you even get near me I will scream in your face that Gewurts tra miner has a delicious flavor. all press me and i will kick you to the curb and mention a great sugar flavor and hints of IHOP syrup selection aromas. A strong initial palate of raspberry drops its pants and is ravaged by a grapefruit with skinny legs and black Converse on. In the end, they marry.