Friday, October 21, 2005

SG server mus' be BR0k3N

Doggz tha logfiles say I got only 1 vue of mah neww-stylezz joint-o-vision photo set on Suicide Girls, which lead me to B-leave thatt they server be krap'd-on and entirely kaput. Tha set wuz sexksy-insaaaane: I cold stood in the hot tub, pulled mah short-pantzz aside, and aimed my Nokia down in that place to snap mad-erotik piczz. It iz m-possible 2 say how hott the GIFs of mah joint were, usin' language technology.

Crap, I do B-leave I just left a Pizza Pocket cookin' in tha microwave for at least 15 minutes. Got to run, cranky nun.

Friday, October 07, 2005

I B a SuicideGirls model

Check it don't wreck it, allz - Charley S (aka Icky Skillz) b a model at Suicide Girls, aka tha qinky site where tha qinky young laydeez be showin' they qinky booty pahhtz an' tittles wit dey nipple-ringz. Sanford and Son would get much wood, they see so much junk and metal.

Befo' you get all wicked-confused an barf all over yosef' in confusion, please allow me 2 ex-plain that they got a new division where hot young dudez model they warez fo' the female half—carry on assured, fatty, I ain't a chick when the pants serve their ultimate purpose by droppin' 2 thee flo'. So, b lookin' forward-stylezz to a photoset of mad mr. Skillz in tha hot tub, his joint stone cold visible.