Monday, January 24, 2005

Whatzz a boy 2 due

man porno can be the trick dirtle. i wuz titty-clickin' around in the biblioteca on the old hell of beiges, straight up viewing the soft cracks and hard actions of an elite group of men and women we call PrawnStars. so I'm at and clickin on all the old school blue text links and rockin a slow chub-buzz. then I click on this link that says "Hung stud rocks two fatties" cuz I wuz wanting to see that. Only the fatties were two other homechaps, wearin leather cop hats and tiny black britches (up until the point where they wasn't). I mad tried to click back but accidentally hit some banner with tons of weiners on it and pretty soon all this laughin was goin' on behind me. leapfrog and tha oracle was mad snappin pix on they cells, and I was all the wide-eyed wit' man-prawn on the screen behind me! sux'd 2 b fux'd in tha grayyyde skool

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I smelled kumar's dad's poop, all!

It was mad wicked nasty poo smell in the air at kumar's house, say sources who read Charley Smuckles' bitchin blog. C.S. wuzz walkin down the hallway at kumar's and kumar's dad had just exited the scene of tha khryyme, namely the half-bath by the coat closet, and shit was in the air. he had just crapped: it was true. no fatalities are reported but C.S. is gonna have a hard time lookin the crappah' in the eye for a while, plus he went home to his own pad where they was no krappz in tha air.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

ode fokez suqs teh kw0k

damb but if I didn't run into a cunty old man today! i was bladin' down around the post office with some of tha nuttkasez, puttin mad grindy-grime on the planterbox when some Horace A Thousand points his cane at me, all in his plaid hat, hella gibberin about how he wanted to complain or something. earfuzzzz tried to make a point to me and I grabbed a big handful 'a plants and crap and rubbed it all in his tidy face, gettin some in his pie. old folks ain't know how to react to somethin like that so he took it like a mud-eatin' baby and was all aghasted while we rolled. pitiful, yo. pick your fightz, ode fokez, cause we know where you park, cause your parking spot is painted bright blue and is the size of a game show.