Friday, July 30, 2004

ditchin' this place

cory's uncle has a couple ATVs and he's takin us with him to the desert this weekend, we're gonna get sick-shifty on some dunes! I boosted uncle ray's paypal account to the tune of a new ipod so i'll be rockin' with dokken all there and back. also got some mad fireworks stashed in the duffel, stuff you can't light off around here cause the cops hell of peer up your shizzito. Buy a dog, blog.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Blackberry got tha golden shower

wicked word I was straight hooleyed over at leapfrog's houseparty and tryin to blackberry knicknack to get his poor ass over there, only I was blackberryin at the same time I was makin my lighting and I dropped that bad plastic daddy in the bowl, which sucked. now I gotta lift a fat G outta uncle ray's red shoebox for another one, pain in my ass. that's all I got to say so yall get on your way!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Campin' wit da H.O.O.L.I.E.S.

since kumar is such a pissface he got hooleyed at kammy's and broke this hinge lamp and her parents come runnin downstairs so we got to ditch out. I boosted this one ash tray with a gold coin in it that looks all civil war an shit. so anyhow since we failed with the b-sides, all us looted up and camped up on the hill behind tha oracle's house, all by some oak trees. hoolies and sizzled up dogs was the order of business and we hoboed it to tha gums. tha oracle mad showstopped when he lifted this 50 year-old scotch outta his bag, sayin it was three grand and his dad had plenty more (his dad penny loafs up at Oracle computer whatever, loaded out the b-side, that's why we call him tha oracle). next mornin we all woke up with mad brainworms and couldn't move without pukin so we were eight trick headaches sittin in sleepin bags tryin not to piss ourselves til the pain went away. that's all, shaved ball.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Hoolie Farm

I got all my peepz in a holdin' pattern around the place for when uncle ray gets his aged peoplez all around in the yard tonight. we got mad 2way action, knicknack and nicknak and bobby are at terence's cooling on some old-school Grand Theft, and kumar is holding greggy and tha oracle but just by barely I bet. soon as I blow the whistle that party's gonna be a flatta hoolies lighter and we gonna rip it up in my room for a while before headin' to kammy's cause she got a birthday party goin on. take a lick cause you're sick, trick d1ck!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Jelly Dildoe!

ha ha man ricky found his mom's jelly dildoe! ricky's mom mad gets it on with that thing!  bang a gong cause you're wrong.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hella salty chips!

damn, uncle ray got these mega salty Tom's chips with all sea salt and vinegar flavor and a bowla' them made me pucker! I pulled and dropped a hoolie to wash it all down, out back behind the pool hedge with a Red. maria ordered me up a Trentino pizza like I like and then I put on my blades and carved on the tennis court for a while. I turned on the AutoServ so it was all American Gladiator style, me hella dodging and weaving the shots. Anyhow, eat the cake mister bake.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Tha Dribbla'!

me an' knicknack got us some freaky water weenies and had us a housefight! knicknack's weenie was a mad dribbla' tho and I could track him like a dog no matter where he went. I found that sucka droppin' uncle ray's hoolies down a big old pegged leg in the kitchen! I murdered his ass and declared the booty mine but I still let him crack one when we were rockin' tha xbox. Later on, mister john. 

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Uncle Ray got FOOLISH ingredients in the fridge!!

uncle ray got NO kinds of ideas bout how much stash he got missin in the fridge! he puts maria on the duty, pickin up tha poundzz of salami and sliced alpine lace and mad bread, plus dimitris over ten times a week stowin the doublewide with fizz! Old sucker never gets his glass on me droppin the hoolie down into the depressions so I got no choice but to make with that shit! Rainy day, all.