Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pizza pie drivin' jabbah killz it

Yo 2 "u," gotz me some fyyyyyn gig droppin' off de hot steamzin' pizza p-p-p-pyyyez at the house of a dude who is hongry. They dudez are so hongry in tha winter ta-hyme, they mad grobble on much pyez, an i be workin' sometimes til de l8 hour of 3:15. Colonel Luigi's, which b the place of mah employ (ownah Luigi Wong iz half I-talian -n- half Of The Chineze), got much lax rulezz bout claimin' yo tip it'z like this: it ain't never look good when a playa bragzz bout havin' twelve grand free an' clear, but oopz there I go.

Gonna run wit diz gig 4 a while longa cuz even when tha loot flow is low, we grabble up the free pyes Luigi B always havin' around. Shyt can get kracked-up krazy but usualy itz aight.

I got twelve G's, why am I buhloggalaggin. Busted open,