Sunday, May 04, 2008

Righta's Blokk

K.L.I.T.Z. - B - R.E.D.D.Y. wuz a stone flop, no/joke. First of allah, I gotz this mad case 'a writa's block like straight---a---wayz, an' could not ra-hyyme even tinies such az clip and blip, let alone $uch nazzty fare az cilantro an' Toronto (which iz m4d-tite, and I am developin' that 1 in a side project called LimbzBLoose). Then mah loot pile dryyed up like a lick from a snake, an' since I ain't got no fantazztic chicken recipe I cain't start no famous chicken chain, now can a boy.

So's just B tryin' not 2 go 2 skewel, diggit, and much lovin' on some sanda-ma-wiches when I can handle some inchezz in mah tite little bo-day.

That'z all it be, that's all 4 me, slip-dickle. Kut your blab, kiss a krab.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

K.L.I.T.Z. - B - R.E.D.D.Y.?

Yo yo so sheck it an deck it! Pitty pie driva' ol' jobba @ Colonel Luigi's dip-dived when tha place went outta business (Col L stone diggz on coke-kayyne lately, hell of opened a jizzoint in Bevmo Hillz an lost it like all threah of he'z jizzointz) so I wuz sittin' on some grandz wonderin' what up Nexxtel. Cold fresh start of a new hiphop Qrew, doh. Ladies an gentlemenzz, R U reddy for:

K.L.I.T.Z. - B - R.E.D.D.Y.?

Stone bisqkit but let me cite why we R thaa rulez of order: we R tha first hip hop act 2 end in a queztion mark, 'N' plus tambien tha first hip hop act 2 ask a ? to a clit directly in tha naaaayme

future iz de oro SO c u l8r lonely fat jane wit da linger finger

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pumpjack Clitty

Wutz it UP and werez it BIN summa krew!

Stil kol-klikkity wit da piazza-pie flumpity-flunk jobba, hella crookin' mad cash at Colonel Luigi's, mad at all anglez. An now mush be spizzanin' on tha beef /n Molly weddin'. Too sad, coulda' clocked dat perkitious aazzzzzzzzzzz. Wuz a fine 1.

Plunkin' tha grosslicious lineup 'a bryydesmaidz gonna keep dis flumpa' in unrolled rubbaz and taken-off titey-whiteys 4 a week!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pizza pie drivin' jabbah killz it

Yo 2 "u," gotz me some fyyyyyn gig droppin' off de hot steamzin' pizza p-p-p-pyyyez at the house of a dude who is hongry. They dudez are so hongry in tha winter ta-hyme, they mad grobble on much pyez, an i be workin' sometimes til de l8 hour of 3:15. Colonel Luigi's, which b the place of mah employ (ownah Luigi Wong iz half I-talian -n- half Of The Chineze), got much lax rulezz bout claimin' yo tip it'z like this: it ain't never look good when a playa bragzz bout havin' twelve grand free an' clear, but oopz there I go.

Gonna run wit diz gig 4 a while longa cuz even when tha loot flow is low, we grabble up the free pyes Luigi B always havin' around. Shyt can get kracked-up krazy but usualy itz aight.

I got twelve G's, why am I buhloggalaggin. Busted open,


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

da nhoo jabbah

Dergz I gotta sum new jabba, Krunk Drunkle Ray been hellz 'a some Niggard Lee at me l8ly, all sayinz' sum softserveproduktdatcomezouttahizazz 'bout response-ho-billity. That shit iz peppa-flavah, 2hot and 2raw, procezzed by a colon, but I gotz 2 werk cuz I got 2 get P41D, son. So yay Charley you azk, what u doin' now 2 make tha printed-on paypah' billz.

I stone cold drive a pizza pie 2 a man who iz hongry. In thiz jabbah I have much tyyme 2 lisen 2 muzique.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

lozt m'ah jobbz

Sumbuddy kold kurmudgeon'd mah N-tire scene, now I B on tha lam from Sandy Lew'z hella Chineez fambly, why I alwayz B on tha runn from AZN peepz. Molly did U stone dickle me, this seemz 2 far 4 even U.

Long storeyz B shorteyz, I Had2-Quit mah puncha' @ Stahbukkszibbit even tho I was much climbed on tha payscale ladda' an almos' balancin' on they top stepz where they sticka' say DON'T STAND. I guess I see'z why. Tha wind B high up thattaway, an' greedy-azz'd AZN broadz B pumpin' yo willie 'til you hook up that gold 'rang. Bye bye korporate krizzle, U ain't got Charley thiz 2ime. I may popz up again all Basquiat outta sum box, stone rock the art wêrld, or else just kick phat whytt shirtz @ or up in sum buszboy jobbz while I regroupzzahAHah.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

they Chinezed my azz!

Bitch b kraff7y, Molly cold sic'd azn Sandy Lew on me, hella pork produktzz in she jeanz. She mus' B t3llin' Sandy I Is in2 h.e.r., cause next thaAang I knowz Sandy Lew gotz her azn mom and azn pops all into tha StahBuks, compl373ly azkin' why I ain't b an AZN peep. I know Molly cold set that 4ngle up, hellza laughin n pryvate. N0w I got 2 get marriedzz 2 a chineze chick i ain't even like, which blowedy-blowedz. Her pops is kold kurmudgeon, dude is a k0ld br3akfazt.

i got 2 get out of th1s 1. Molly...tha girl be kraff7y. 0-hapz she is test1n' meez.