Friday, August 26, 2005

Onstad be blowed by Dudez

H.M.S.X.U.E.L.Z. SUMR.CAMP, aka CHRIS ONSTAD, raunch fogeyed tha dope, straight lyyed 2 me about gettin' paid fo' my p[oems]. Word dick had me all junk-firm on publishin' my heartfeldtt wordzz bout CURPETER tha most modern gangsta since EMINEM cold bust a gasket but then he mention he got no more cash, project cold took a nose. TIME magazine or Wired consider Onstad a fucked propysytyn. Well thyn here be mad the last installment of Curpeter til dum shitzz got cash to hear plus d-serve him.

- - - - -

Ohh shit Curpeter
Damn sold he self
2 kahryyogenikz
freeze he body
cryogenics said thee fogeyz
but az he had no moneyz
Curpeter got froze on one condition

He one condition?
That when they wakezz him up
he still get 2 shoot he self
in front 'o he dad
preferably on tha webbcam
- - - - -