Tuesday, August 22, 2006

lozt m'ah jobbz

Sumbuddy kold kurmudgeon'd mah N-tire scene, now I B on tha lam from Sandy Lew'z hella Chineez fambly, why I alwayz B on tha runn from AZN peepz. Molly did U stone dickle me, this seemz 2 far 4 even U.

Long storeyz B shorteyz, I Had2-Quit mah puncha' @ Stahbukkszibbit even tho I was much climbed on tha payscale ladda' an almos' balancin' on they top stepz where they sticka' say DON'T STAND. I guess I see'z why. Tha wind B high up thattaway, an' greedy-azz'd AZN broadz B pumpin' yo willie 'til you hook up that gold 'rang. Bye bye korporate krizzle, U ain't got Charley thiz 2ime. I may popz up again all Basquiat outta sum box, stone rock the art wêrld, or else just kick phat whytt shirtz @ or up in sum buszboy jobbz while I regroupzzahAHah.