Friday, November 19, 2004

Uncle Ray got peen!

Uncle Ray said he got a kink in his old back and phoned up Transitions, this day spa that sends a masseuse to your crib! only insteada' some cups it was a cut-lookin Miami smoother and he was packin thick ounces on the frontside!

Here's how it probably went, yo:

UNCLE RAY: Aw yeah the back is sore yo
MARCO: I fix the back Ray
UNCLE RAY: Plus the other thing
MARCO: I suck the peen Ray
UNCLE RAY: Here is five hundred
UNCLE RAY: ahhhhhh

Uncle Ray definitely did peen with the Transitions guy this afternoon.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

School food is crass

man they hella dropped the ball friday, all servin us some blumpkin called casino chicken. tha ill vittles was this hard formed patty of chicken meat under a nasty sauce layer that you could pick up from one end and lift like a wet rag. Tiny Aaron was so pissed he left for a few and when he came back he microwaved a bio frog for five minutes. when they opened that device up there was just a sad old head sittin in the middle of a brown puddle! that spectacle was bangedup so I took and told Uncle Ray school had to close because of a gas leak. old farty grilled us up some mad burgers and potato salad, and I boosted a hoolie for the xbox hours. some crazy german brew with gold foil, called like aktionbier or somethin.

school lunch is so bad I lost my education!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Blump tha Vote

dumbass Uncle Ray let tha neighborhood Gray Dopezz use our garage as a pollin' place tonight, all with votin' booths and clipboards, et cet. tha Silver Silence (old peepz, y'all) left all the ballots sittin in the garage last night so I did my piece, yo. allow met to introduce B. Lumpkin, write-in candidate for prez, stamped on tha sheetz in white graphite, invisible to they eyezz but looks black under the bright lights of the OCR.