Saturday, November 06, 2004

School food is crass

man they hella dropped the ball friday, all servin us some blumpkin called casino chicken. tha ill vittles was this hard formed patty of chicken meat under a nasty sauce layer that you could pick up from one end and lift like a wet rag. Tiny Aaron was so pissed he left for a few and when he came back he microwaved a bio frog for five minutes. when they opened that device up there was just a sad old head sittin in the middle of a brown puddle! that spectacle was bangedup so I took and told Uncle Ray school had to close because of a gas leak. old farty grilled us up some mad burgers and potato salad, and I boosted a hoolie for the xbox hours. some crazy german brew with gold foil, called like aktionbier or somethin.

school lunch is so bad I lost my education!