Thursday, January 26, 2006

i B moless'ted by mah Thought$$

Diggit doggit + sniggity snoggit. I col' stone wizzerked up tha ladder at Starbukkzzzzz and now mad be proppin' Payscale 2. Shit B golden glue, I even is trussted separatin' the pastries an' puttin them in tha correct display case trayzz. I basically ownz tha comp4ny.

Chik chak Molly tha berdie of Roast Beef tha Whackjob cold startin' 2 frizzle me on the pantsfront, cold freestyle-think'n of waxin that samsonite. Chick got a not impossible bottomz. Cuppable, not so old az 2 b codly. I may Lett her explo' tha Science of mah Nature.