Wednesday, January 05, 2005

ode fokez suqs teh kw0k

damb but if I didn't run into a cunty old man today! i was bladin' down around the post office with some of tha nuttkasez, puttin mad grindy-grime on the planterbox when some Horace A Thousand points his cane at me, all in his plaid hat, hella gibberin about how he wanted to complain or something. earfuzzzz tried to make a point to me and I grabbed a big handful 'a plants and crap and rubbed it all in his tidy face, gettin some in his pie. old folks ain't know how to react to somethin like that so he took it like a mud-eatin' baby and was all aghasted while we rolled. pitiful, yo. pick your fightz, ode fokez, cause we know where you park, cause your parking spot is painted bright blue and is the size of a game show.