Monday, December 20, 2004

Tha Merchant Marines blew, yo

damn, I ain't even get through the first meeting before I hadda quit tha damn Merchant Marines! ear up, all.

so's I blade on down to the orientation and it's in this hell of shitty room at the American Legion Hall, this place where Soldiaz In Diapahz sit around eatin' on carrot-raisin salad and mad watching Price Is Right with their eyez closed. I am all like, that's cool that it's here, since we're all military bros. Semper fi, I'm down with that noize. I go into the room and there's just this one other dude there, this sorta kinda goth kid who graduated last year named Orion Cheng. that's his actual name. you can tell he ain't real goth cause for shoes he just wears green converse and he has a gray trenchcoat instead of black, but he does sport a black fedora. I ain't never really know him so I just give a 'sup and take a seat at the back. few minutes later this merchant marine guy all dressed up in a meter-reader uniform ducks his head in and says he'll be right back. I was like, they dress like tha Parkin' Pigs? that is stubby-wack, I gotta bail on this action. Orion was playin' that Magic: The Softening card game by his awesome self so I rose real quiet and skated the hell away from a life of givin' parkin' tickets on tha high seas. I'm AWOH (Absent With Out Hooley) so I gotta boost tha Uncle's stash. keep the peace.