Sunday, February 27, 2005

Got to rethink tha jobb prospektzz

Man, dudes down in auto Row all straight up laughed in my fizzle, sayin' map crap bout unpaid apprenticeship and trade school. I ain't need that noize. put that noize in a baggie and pop it by a fool, yo. I know when I'm wastin' my long and short handzz.

on the way home I figga'd it out: I'm goin-2 set up a clown company, you know, but awesome clowns! kid parties always need some kinda clown, but parents know a traditional clown cold eats a peter, so they goin' want a clown that is with tha timezz. Peep this: I'm settin' up a costume and bizness card so's I can be Chortlezz Tha Klown, a Modern Klown with an Uncommon Attitude. Kidz these days are way smarter than they uzed 2b, and I can make hella jokes based on music I know they like and all the xBox they be playin'. When parents get a wind of this one, my days be booked, all.