Friday, July 01, 2005

Mad banked on that last poemzz, all!

word it up and around, O-Poop shopped mah last poemzz, tha one about Curpeter the Self-Suiciding Boy and check it! Eminem's agent optioned it for four figures w/a percentage. old agent all said it ain't em's style of writin' but was too good to pass up. O took he 60 cutz which was a cold stang but slipped me my fo-tay and threw down another c-note to dittle off some mo' crazy emotion-based youth hujammmz. It's like i'm cold gettin' paid a hundo to earn mad loot! i be makin' mobius money.

'sallright then, here be much crazy youth of today "thoughtpoems":


Curpeter, down to the east side,
2 get his self a piece.
Little J behind tha bodega got his price.
Sold him that and a bag of ice. Curpeter leaves.

Bustin' back home, on the bus. Cop trailed him.
Empties his pockets of ice
But fuzz misses tha gun.
Curpeter can end it now
While the cop is on he walkie-talkie.

Choices to make, lives at stake.
Does he take them both down?
Too late; tha bus hits a wino.
Curpeter dashes the hell away.


If you did not notice, Curpeter be all like a modern day Beowolf, all.