Saturday, October 23, 2004

mistah H is a straight-up tinytime hoe

mr Hanolan dick ragged me, all. Hanolan's the trick daddy of computer class, and he flip-wigged when he saw my book armor. I had most of a trimmed cookie sheet drilled to my Understanding Computers hardback, all. Hanolan puss-pussied at that!

I was like Chill, Hanolan, lots of computers also have metal parts, as my textbook now has. He ain't had a syllable of that. He flipped and touched the fuse that hung out he own azz which summons the principle.

principal defenbaugh cold rolled in, knowing Hanolan been a nutjob since Bananas magazine. he ID'd that the book I screwed platelets all to was a discontinued copy and that Hanolan had no need to police that ish.

damn but aint it great that defenbaughbaugh plays in Uncle Ray's foursome some days, plus out all, it's a tight-as-a-hooley night.