Tuesday, September 07, 2004

tanglin' with a korean dude

I was makin nice with Shirley Pang last week, this real ripe honey in econ. she dug me, I dug her fly buds, all that. even had her out at swensen's last week for some ice cream and nook. turns out though that she has this jealous korean ex boyfriend who shows up and springs a knife in my face! he cold cocked my knees from behind and held this dagger up to my neck and was all "you shray away flom shrirreyrrerry you pok bitch" and I straight up eyed him. I can tell poultry from miles and this dude was straight up boneless skinless. he did little samurai movements with the knife and marched off, and I'll be skinning his snuffly ass next time he brings the stainless. I ain't even that into Shirley but I might press a point here, just to take the juice outta that dirt dog.