Wednesday, October 04, 2006

da nhoo jabbah

Dergz I gotta sum new jabba, Krunk Drunkle Ray been hellz 'a some Niggard Lee at me l8ly, all sayinz' sum softserveproduktdatcomezouttahizazz 'bout response-ho-billity. That shit iz peppa-flavah, 2hot and 2raw, procezzed by a colon, but I gotz 2 werk cuz I got 2 get P41D, son. So yay Charley you azk, what u doin' now 2 make tha printed-on paypah' billz.

I stone cold drive a pizza pie 2 a man who iz hongry. In thiz jabbah I have much tyyme 2 lisen 2 muzique.