Thursday, December 01, 2005

beet'm N join'M

FaggitUp, I got zactly zero dukes from ma' Suicide Girls photospree. Shit even featured mad pics o' mah joint cold floating at or near the surface of hot tub water. Sucks 2B tha laydees who did not see those photographs, 'cause so many laydees coulda' and shoulda' seen my sweet pecka'.

Nerd it, I got 2 take a jyobbh @ starbukks [but put that shine in reverse italics as though a wind gesture blow'd it back] as a dude who cold writes down a coffee drink. Hands like Shakespeare, all Socrates-shape hands, yet I got to write down a coffee drink, all "triple hot mocha fluenza," so a real estate helmet bitch gets her blonde tips helmet lady flavor thing of hot flavor sugar coffee. I cold wear a green apron during that shit!

BLEEP you know I am mad please leave a message