Sunday, February 20, 2005

Thinkin' 'bout mah jobbz prospect

Uncle Ray says if I'm gonna quit school I got to have a good jobbah lined up and get tha GED. GED is this piece of paper that has a math problem ons, yo, and you got to sign your name sayin' you agree. They ain't no ceremony.

So's I might tool it on down to auto row and see if I can line up some action detailin' cars. I ain't speak of no washin' the hubcaps, I mean pinstripin', airbrushin', mad applyin' custom decal workzz. If it turns out I'm tha shizzit, I 'll open my own place, Smuckles Concepts. Yep, already got a name for it. I ain't gon' be no scientist, yo, but ain't no scientist makin' any money that I ever heard of. Pinstripin' brings in tha hundos.