Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Where I been, y'all?

none 'a yo b-yo. school is a mad dirtle latez, tha teach hell all on my back about not coverin my books with the grocery bags cause I instead used my imaginizzle and stone screwed metal plates to all the outside surfaces. my old algebra shrieker almost laid a sweet spot in the backa her tweedz when my A-Team cold rolled into class and hit tha desk like an iron steak. folks hella peered around and I could see the green in they eyes. come the bell I was sellin' blueprints and supply lists so all tha lemmings could create cold home depot clankers of they own. sucker teachs don't know my armored book revo' is gonna save a kid from a bullet one day, and they gonna rename the gym after me, ain't gonna be no J. Vincent J. Lemoni gymnazium, gonna have flamin' letters on the side spellin out THA LEWD all above the statue of me holdin my metal book with a bullet hole ins.